About Us

New Lam Wah Chinese take away was the first Chinese take away established in Hawick by Mr King more than 30 years ago. It stands on high street, witnesses the change of Hawick from time to time. Many customers have told me a variety of different stories about New Lam Wah. I deeply feel it is in the memory of many people in Hawick among different generations. 

As a new generation, my husband and me took over the shop in 2007 and this is now our 10th year here. When I think that we have been cooking for the people of Hawick for almost 10 years, that is something dramatic. We have tried our best to provide the best quality of food and services we can. We have many loyal customers, many of them have ordered from us on a regular basis since we started and are now loyal friends. New customers are more than welcome to come and try our food. 

Now we are very proud to launch our own website. By using modern technology to provide our customers a much easier and more convenient order method. It is new and we are still learning and making improvements. If you have any problems or concerns about using our website please do contact us. Any suggestions and advice are more than welcome. 

We sincerely hope you have a good experience on our website and enjoy our food. 

Ivy Gao